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Defeat Debt with Credit Advisors - December 2000

Dear Client,

Your monthly statement is enclosed.  Please verify your payment is properly credited! Compare your billing statements to your Credit Advisors statement.  Make sure your creditors have given you credit for the payments we sent to them. Contact us, if you notice any differences.

Remember – don’t open any new revolving credit accounts while on your debt management plan. This will only increase the time it will take you to become debt free!  If you incur new debt, some of your creditors may suspend any counseling benefits they have granted you.

Whats in This Issue?

Important Numbers
Very Important Notice
December Dates To Remember
Holiday Spending Tips
Creditor Corner

Important numbers:

To reach your account manager:

1-800-942-9027 (toll free)
Number you give creditors to call us: 1-402-393-3100
To reach Jack or Michaela in Omaha: 341-7000 Opt. 2 OR 888-390-0941
To reach Mike for Colorado clients: 800-627-6925 Opt. 2
Automated Account Updates (for clients and creditors) 1-402-391-0000
If you need to find a Western Union Dealer: 1-800-325-6000

If a creditor calls you, tell them you are now with a credit counseling agency and they should call 402-393-3100. Give them your client number and the name of your account manager.

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Very Important Notice:

**** Very Important Notice*****

If the letters “PIF” appear next to a payment amount on your client statement, our records indicate this creditor account is now paid in full.  This means we will not be sending future payments to the “PIF” creditor.  Please review your creditor statements very carefully to verify that the “PIF” amount did indeed pay the account in full.  Send us a copy of your billing statement if your creditor stills shows a balance is due on the account.

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December Dates to Remember:


If your EFT (electronic funds transfer) is pulled on:

checks to creditors:

5th 11th
11th 15th
16th 22nd
20th 27th


Jan. 2nd

Missing a payment for any reason can seriously jeopardize your counseling program.

End of Month Processing
Due to the Christmas holiday, your money order or Western Union payments must be in our office by 2 PM (CST) December 29th to be processed for end of month.  NO personal checks, thank you!

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EFT Payment Change:

If you need to make a change to your EFT payment, send WRITTEN NOTICE to us no less than 10 business days prior to your pull date.  Our fax number is 402- 393-4141.  After faxing, wait 30 minutes then call us to verify your request has been received. 

You money order or Western Union payments must be in our office by 10 AM July 20th to be processed for end of month.  NO personal checks, thank you!

Please be advised, in the event an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or bank account has one of the following challenges, a charge will be assessed to your CA account.

Account Closed                  =            $15.00
Authorization Revoke         =            $25.00
Change Date                       =            $  5.00
Frozen Accounts                 =            $15.00
Lower Payment                   =            $  5.00
NSF                                      =            $15.00
Skip A Pull Date                 =            $10.00
Stop Payment                     =            $15.00

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Holiday Spending Tips:


As living expenses push higher, it makes it more difficult to keep up, much less get ahead.  It seems especially hard for some people not to “over spend” during the holiday season because of emotional needs to express love, appreciation, and friendship.  Below are some spending tips that some holiday shoppers may find useful.

  1. Establish spending limits for each person on your list and start looking for bargains early.
  2. Try talking with those you exchange gifts with, suggest not exchanging gifts or agree to spend lower dollar amounts on gifts.
  3. Watch advertisements and sales flyers for those items you intend to purchase.
  4. Liquidators, wholesale clubs, and factory outlet stores usually offer lower prices.
  5. Avoid using credit cards.  Credit cards have a SPEND message, they tend to promote indiscriminate spending.  Consumers often say, “They had no idea how much they spent on the holidays until the credit card bills arrived.”
  6. Consider getting a part time job over the holidays.  Some stores offer employee discounts which can come in very handy.
  7. Consider giving gifts that don’t cost out of pocket money.  For example, offer your baby-sitting services to a friend or relative that has children or offer a house cleaning a homemade meal or a car wash to an elderly friend or relative.
  8. Send greeting cards only to those people you won’t see over the holiday.
Make some of your gifts from home.  Homemade desserts are always appreciated.  Consider giving arts or crafts or a collage of photographs as gifts.

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Creditor Corner:


(The who’s who and the what’s new in the creditor world of today!)

1.  Wells Fargo Financial Bank (formerly Dial Bank) has recently purchased some, but not all, of the Conseco Mastercard (formerly Greentree Mastercard) accounts.  New account numbers have been assigned to the accounts Wells Fargo has acquired.  Unfortunately, Wells Fargo Financial is unable to confirm the new account numbers based on the old account numbers we have listed on your account.  Please notify us immediately if you receive a statement from Wells Fargo Financial Bank on an account that used to be a Greentree or Conseco Mastercard.  We need the new account number you were assigned, as well as, the proper payment address for your account.

2.  Also, please check your Credit Advisors statement.  If you have a listing for Hurley State Bank or WFNNB (World Financial Network National Bank), we need your help.  These companies are processing centers for dozens of individual stores that contract out their credit needs rather than maintain in house credit departments.  Hurley State Bank and WFNNB are now requiring us to send all payments to the processing center by individual store (ie: Lane Bryant, Lerners, Service Merchandise, Western Auto, etc.)  If you have a listing for either processing center on your statement, we need to know the name of the store where the account was opened so that we may send your payment out under the correct store name.

3.  Thanks to all the people who have sent in their recent statements for Partners/Harris Bank/Bank Boston/Fleet marked “ATTN Credit Liaison”.  If you have not done so yet, please take a moment to do so.  The account number corrections and payment center corrections are being made with each statement we receive.

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Send Statements

Your creditors DO NOT send us copies of your statements!!! We need to hear from you about creditor statement balances!

Please e-mail, fax, or mail us copies of your creditor statements every three months.

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