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Defeat Debt with Credit Advisors - February 2000

Happy Valentine's Day!

A heartfelt good Valentine’s Day to everyone!

What's in This Issue?

Important Numbers
Review Your Credit Statement
Car Insurance Rates Fall 
Making Changes To Your EFT?


   Please contact your account manager with your e-mail address.  We anticipate sending you updates using e-mail in the future.  Please include your name and client number if you e-mail us with your e-mail address.  Thank you!


Important numbers:

To reach your account manager:

1-800-942-9027 (toll free)
Number you give creditors to call us: 1-402-393-3100
To Reach Mike in Lincoln: 475-1234 Opt. 2
To reach Jack or Michaela in Omaha: 341-7000 Opt. 2 OR 888-390-0941
To reach Michael for Colorado clients: 1-800-627-6925 Opt. 2
Automated Account Updates (for clients and creditors) 1-402-391-0000
If you need to find a Western Union Dealer: 1-800-325-6000

Your client # is listed on your statement.  If a creditor calls you, tell them you are now with a credit counseling agency.  Give them your client number and the name of your account manager.  Do not give creditors the toll free numbers!  Give them 402-393-3100.

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Review Your Credit Statement

Please make sure your name and address are correct.  The upper right hand side shows the date this statement was printed, your Credit Advisors client number, the date your last payment was posted, how much your payment to Credit Advisors is and finally, how often you pay Credit Advisors.

 Please use the transaction section to determine which creditors were paid.  The “AMOUNT” column shows the total paid during the month to each creditor listed.

 Please verify account numbers using your creditor statements.  If there is a difference, please call your account manager to discuss.

 Keep your monthly statements from Credit Advisors.  Use these statements to answer questions.  If you have a question about creditor payments, please review your monthly statements for payment history.

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Car Insurance Rate Are Falling

Have you recently shopped around for car insurance?

 Rates have been falling because baby boomers are driving slower, cars are getting safer, auto theft and drunk driving are declining.  So the Insurance Information Institute says rates are down in most areas of the country.  

 Insurance company competition is keen, so companies are writing policies on people they were reluctant to cover before. 

 When you shop around have the following information handy:

      vehicle identification number (VIN), located on the dashboard of your car

      anti-lock brakes (yes/no)

      one or two air bags?

      security or alarm system?

      how many miles driven per year?

There are direct sellers you can reach by phone like, Geico and USAA.  There are also web sites that will help you search multiple companies like, InsureMarket and InsWeb.  An other option is Progressive Insurance that quotes their own and up to three competitors’ prices.

Get three or five sources, include a firm that sells through their own agents (like Allstate or State Farm), a direct seller and an independent agent who sells for several companies.  Ask your friends for references, check with your state insurance department.  Remember you get what you pay for when it comes to service.

 Some companies are tougher on different things like speeding tickets, so shop around and maybe you can save yourself some car insurance premium money!  If you do, use those funds to Defeat Debt!


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Making Changes To Your EFT?

If you MUST make a change to your EFT, please send written notice to us at least TEN days before the pull date.  Our fax number is 402-393-4141.  After faxing wait 30 minutes then call your account manager to make sure your fax was received. 

Your January money order or Western Union payments must be in our office by 10 AM January 18th to be processed for end of month payment.  NO personal checks, thank you! 

When an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or bank account have the following challenges there are charges assessed by CA:

Account Closed               =       $15

Authorization Revoke      =       $25

Change Date                    =       $5

Frozen Accounts              =       $15

Lower Payment                =       $5

NSF                                   =       $15

Skip a Pull Date               =       $10

Stop Payment                   =       $15



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Send Statements 

We need to hear from you about creditor statement balances!  Please call or send  copies of ALL your creditor statements if you didn’t last month.  Thank you!


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