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Defeat Debt with Credit Advisors - September 1999

Back to School Time,
Happy Labor Day!  Celebrate your efforts and your accomplishments.  See the back page for a good way to offset your Credit Advisors fee.


Credit Advisors will begin pulling credit reports through Credit Data for all active clients.  Reports will be pulled every quarter.  This will help us monitor your credit report for errors during the course of your consolidation program.

Also, all active clients will have a credit report on file prior to the end of 1999.  We’ll have your report on paper in case creditors have Y2K troubles.


Whats in This Issue?

Important Numbers
Please Send Creditor Statements 
Earn Money Towards Credit Advisors fees?

Be debt free with Credit Advisors

Bee Debt Free with Credit Advisors!!

Important numbers:

To reach your account manager:

1-800-942-9027 (toll free)
Number you give creditors to call us: 1-402-393-3100
To Reach Mike in Lincoln: 475-1234 Opt. 2
To reach Jack or Michaela in Omaha: 341-7000 Opt. 2 OR 888-390-0941
To reach Michael for Colorado clients: 800-627-6925 Opt. 2
Automated Account Updates (for clients and creditors) 1-402-391-0000
If you need to find a Western Union Dealer: 1-800-325-6000

If a creditor calls you,, tell them you are now with a credit counseling agency and they should call 402-393-3100. Give them your client number and the name of your account manager.

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Please Send Creditor Statements

If you haven’t given copies of creditor statements to your Account Manager in the last three months, please mail them this month.  Sending creditor statements is very helpful so we can update balances, etc.  Thank you!!

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Earn Money Toward Credit Advisors Fee

You can now earn $ credit when clients make referrals to Credit Advisors.  When a client of Credit Advisors (CA) refers someone and the new client stays in our program over 90 days, the original client will get a $25 credit toward their CA fees.  That’s a $25 credit for a referral that stays with our program for more than 90 days!

This offer extends through the lifetime of your program.  If you have questions, please call your account manager.  The potential client must use your name for the referral!

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Bee Debt Free!!
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