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Defeat Debt with Credit Advisors - March 1999

Dear Client,

If you deferred payments from holiday shopping pay those balances now, otherwise, interest kicks in. Pay off in full to avoid extra charges!

Enclosed is your monthly statement. Please double check the following:

  1. All creditors you listed with us are being paid, even recently added creditors.
  2. Your March payment properly credited.

Be debt free with Credit Advisors

Bee Debt Free with Credit Advisors!!

$200 Contest Winner

The March Internet Survey winner will be contacted at the beginning of March. We will announce the winner in April’s newsletter.

Whats in This Issue?

Important Numbers
March Dates to Remeber
Debit Card Processing Fee
A Dollar Saved...
Tax Time Again

Important numbers:

To reach your account manager:

1-800-942-9027 (toll free)
Number you give creditors to call us: 1-402-393-3100
Automated Account Updates (for clients and creditors) 1-402-391-0000
If you need to find a Western Union Dealer: 1-800-325-6000

If a creditor calls you,, tell them you are now with a credit counseling agency and they should call 402-393-3100. Give them your client number and the name of your account manager.

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March Dates to Remember:


If your EFT (electronic funds transfer) is pulled on:

checks to creditors:

5th 12th
11th 22nd
20th 26th
25th 31st

Your March payments must be in our office by 10 AM March25th.

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Debit Card Processing Fee

Debt Monster

Debit Card Processing Fee

Due to the cost of handling debit card transactions, we will now apply a 5% processing fee to all debit card transactions beginning March 15, 1999. This is to cover costs the credit card companies charge us for processing. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Please contact your account manager if you wish to set up electronic fund transfer (EFT) payments or payroll deductions which are free!

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A Dollar Saved...

From Mike Giangardella of Warren, Ohio printed in Wall Street Journal:

"I always cringe whenever we go out to eat and the three kids order soft drinks. We all know the margins on those. Therefore, I made a deal: The kids have the option of either ordering a soft drink or ordering water and receiving a dollar from me.

"The results have been great, especially on vacations when all meals are eaten out. The benefits are threefold: The money stays in the family, the kids learn to forgo present gratification and water is healthier for them." We’re adding a fourth benefit. You’re saving money because soft drinks usually cost more than $1.

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Tax Time Again

Tax Time Again

It’s that time again when we file our taxes and anticipate that refund. For those of us lucky enough to receive a refund this year, let’s make that money work for us. Rather than going on that annual shopping spree, let’s invest in our futures. Our Debt Free Futures! Please contact your account manager to make arrangements to send all or some of your return as additional money to be applied to your debts. Then sit back, put your feet up and pat yourself on the back. After all you’ve just taken another big step in becoming debt free. Congrat-ulations!

However, if you owe the IRS, contact your account manager so we can include this debt in your program!

Remember -- our fee may be tax deductible! Talk to your accountant

Check out our bookstore for more great reading on how to save money.

Defeat Debt with Credit Advisors!!
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